Monday, November 3, 2014

Why vote tomorrow?

If you're like me, you have to breathe deep and count to ten to relieve yourself from an anxiety attack when thinking about tomorrow's election. I know it seems like our country is stuck in a hopeless rut of slicked back hair and lying tongues.

Yet I've followed the candidates and the issues. No matter how much of a chance I think the people I am supporting have, I'll proudly vote on my convictions. I'm deeply excited to vote.

Few people in the world get to vote. When I vote I am fulfilling the responsibility given to me by such a unique and envied privilege.

Leaders of world powers are rarely hired by "plain old" citizens. When I vote I get to consider all of the applicants, look over their resumes and determine who I know will do the best job.

My parents worked hard to preserve freedom by being active on a local level and voting.When I vote I am preserving that heritage.

People have fought, people have died and people are on the front lines as you read this ensuring your right to darken a couple of circles that could turn the tide of history. I will respect those patriots by not taking my vote for granted.

I plan on my descendants growing up in the best America I can leave behind - when I vote I can look future generations in the eye and tell them I did what was right even when it wasn't popular.

Sure, I have to plead with God to have enough peace to get me through each day. Absolutely I understand that sometimes I have to pick between the lesser of two evils. You bet I wonder if the election process is always as just and true as I hope it is. God has blessed me with the opportunity to live in the best country in the world. She is exceptional in many ways and when I vote I am doing all I can to keep her that way.

Oh, this is just a midterm election but as the revered Ronald Reagan said "All great change in America begins around the dinner table." That's right, it starts with us on a local level which even includes voting in midterm elections.

See you at the polls.

- Trinity

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