Wednesday, September 10, 2014

When it comes to living life, be in a rush.

Although each of us would like to say that we aren't part of the rat race,
we can't say it plainly with an honest look upon our face.
While talking with an elderly neighbor, currently fighting a fatal disease,
she told me something I wouldn't have expected to hear. So I share with you these:

Rush to be a blessing and to offer all of your help.
Rush to know when to say no, sometimes thinking of yourself.
Always rush to listen without planning what next to say.
Rush to thank God for giving you life for another day.
Rush to admit your weakness and live through divine strength.
In all things, no matter your hardships, rush to offer thanks.
Rush to see how valuable the health you have really is.
Rush to be content and do your best to always give.
Rush to find the good in the stage of life you're in.
Rush to get to know your elders and learn from them.
Rush to give forgiveness and the benefit of the doubt.
Rush to show others by your actions what real life is all about.
Be in a rush to learn that your days are numbered and to live in the here and now,
make sure to take your time and rush to just slow down.

Her advice wasn't taken lightly and hope you'll take it to heart,
rushing to reflect on my priorities and resulting actions was a good place for me to start.

- Trinity Lewis

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