Monday, September 1, 2014

I still do

The moment I first saw you I thought you looked pretty cool. You seemed like the kind of guy I wanted to get to know better so that I could call you my friend, and I still do.
Every time we spent time together, I counted down the time until the next time we got to spend time together, and I still do.
I would replay our conversations over and over again and remember the sweet things you would say to me, and I still do.
I would write down the things you said you liked so that one day when I got to get you a gift I would know exactly what you would want, and I still do.
I would run your favorite color, college football team, camo pattern, movies, hobbies, songs and kind of pickup you liked through my head so I would know the most about you, and I still do.
When you were dressed up for special events I had to look away to keep from  having the cheesiest smile on my face knowing that you are all mine, and I still do.
When I would see you after work, dirty from head to toe, I stood in awe of a man who understood what real manual labor was like, and I still do.
I was awestruck by the way you treated my family. You respected my dad and even when you didn't agree with him you abided by his leadership in my life. I so respected that and I still do.
I couldn't believe I found a man who would go to Church with me on Sunday and read a Bible with me in the evenings. I treasured that, and I still do.
I loved the way you honored your mother. You helped her down from tall steps and held her when she was crying. I knew that that kind of empathy and thoughtfulness is rare and so amazing, and I still do.
I knew that we had a lot in common. As we began to build hobbies together, I loved the way we complimented one another, and I still do.
Never have I met a man so manly and yet so full of heart. I was astounded by the honor you showed me. That made me respect you beyond belief, and I still do.
The more I got to know you the more I realized that you were the man I'd always dreamed of and in life I would cheer the loudest for you, and I still do.
I basked in the thought of what our future would hold, "Would we find a little place in the country? What about babies?" and I still do.
Two years ago on a sunny day next to a trickling river the pastor asked if I would give my life to you to have and to hold, for better or for worse, forsaking all others. That day I said "I do" and, Justin, I still do.

Marriage is one of the most fun pieces to life I have ever experienced. I couldn't believe my life without J.E. Lewis. Only 24 months. Here's to many more!

- Trinity

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