Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Staying on target

Well, I'm not sure what it is like in your neck of the woods but in our cozy home in Wyoming, Fall is here! The weather is crisp and cool, all of our trees are beginning to stop sending nutrients to their leaves and the vibrant green we became accustomed to this year is now a pretty yellow.
If you've read this blog for long at all, I'm sure that you know my husband is a mighty hunter. I would call hunting our biggest hobby. If he read that he would tell me that I am wrong, hunting isn't a hobby - it's a lifestyle. Okay, he's right! Nearly every year during hunting season all else goes on hold in order for us to get our animals.
This year we are doing something different. Well, my number one man has done it before but to me it is all new! You see, about a month ago he bought me a bow. Archery season here we come! But first it was imperitive that I practiced. I agreed to that not knowing what 'practice' really meant.
He wanted me out there every day shooting at our target. The problem is, I don't have that kind of time on my hands! After much encouragemet from my husband I began making it a goal to get out and shoot every night.
Then another problem arose. When he would stand out to help me shoot, I was so nervous that I couldn't hit the stinking target. You know that phrase "can't hit the broadside of a barn"? Well I was hitting the broadside of our shed and I was supposed to be shooting the target!!!
One day while he was still at work, I took some time off from my work and snuck outside. I began shooting with the intention to continue shooting until I'd hit the center of the bulls eye 25 times. I realized that when I wasn't trying to show my husband that I COULD do it, I was shooting quite well. In fact, I hit the bulls eye 25 times pretty fast - well fast for me :).
The next night I tried to show him my accomplishments but I wasn't hitting the bulls eye. He said he needed to run inside real fast. I picked my bow up, set my arrow in and shot the bulls eye dead in the center. Fortunately he'd been watching me from a long way off where I couldn't see him. He joked with me later that maybe I'd do better archery hunting alone. I sure wouldn't want that because I love our time together but it was fun to joke about.
I need to be careful, I pray your heart is ready for this. Sometimes I think that we as wives do the same things to our husband's spiritual lives as Mr. Lewis and I did with archery hunting. I think that we stand over their shoulder saying things like "Why don't we pray together like such and such couple? Why don't you lead me in devotions every night? Why don't you..." and the list goes on.
I know from research that praying with their wives, the person who knows them the best, is one of the most intimidating things for a husband. Most of the time, our men haven't had leadership in their lives to show them how to be the spiritual leaders in our homes. Let's be attentive to that.
Do you know what made me an enthusiastic archery shooter more than anything else? When I heard my man call his family and brag about what a great job I was doing. Call me proud but that wasn't it. I was so encouraged that I'd recieved the stamp of approval. Are we giving that to our husbands? Maybe instead of saying "Why don't we do devotions together?" we can be thanking our husbands for growing closer to God in the ways that they are. We can thank them for going to Church and Bible studies with us. We can thank them for watching clean TV shows and not being consumed with easily accesable pornagraphic material. We can brag about our men in their presence. Let them know you approve!
Getting on target is so much easier when we know that our biggest cheerleader is actually cheering. I would hate it if my husband compared me to one of those blonde haired, camo covered chicks on the hunting channel. I guess that means I better not compare him to Dr. Dobson.

Just some confessions of a wanna be archery hunter, Trinity.   

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