Saturday, August 9, 2014

Blogger's Blotter and God's Faithfulness

You know that section in the newspaper - the blotter. The place you really don't want to see your own name? Well if there were a blogger's blotter I'm afraid right now I would be in it. I need to send apologies to all of you that follow my blog closely. I have been extremely busy! So, I thought I would do something I've not done before in my few years on this blog. I am going to open the door to what is happening in my life.

So many times as Christians it is easy to proclaim God's love and His faithfulness but to not fully know it for sure for ourselves. I guess I've had a very easy life. I've been able to get good grades, a good education, good jobs, a great husband and an amazing family and heritage to hold it all together. I have known all along that God is my refuge. I have proclaimed His name to groups large and small. I want to tell you a little bit about the work He has been doing in my life lately.

In mid June I finally did something I'd known for over eight months that I needed to do, I resigned from my dream job. Yes, it was a profession with which I had been involved for 6 years. I spent summers as a teen working at different internships that would enhance this profession and my college degrees were strategically paralleled to what I thought I would do forever.

I was so blessed to work with the company I was with. I made a great salary, met wonderful people and was working in an industry I am very passionate about. However, Justin (my world champion husband) and I knew God was telling me to leave. I didn't have any other jobs lined up. I didn't know where income would come from (other than my stud of a husband who is the real bread winner in our home!). We'd structured our lives, where we live, the kind of home we live in and everything else around that particular job. It took a lot of time but I listened to what God was telling me to do - I quit.

By the time my two weeks were finished at that job, a miracle had happened. I started receiving calls from different business and personal contacts who had ideas of little media jobs that needed to be done. I began to take on a project at a time and it wasn't too long before I realized that this was a full time gig. I was blessed with enough business to have an abundance of joy and rejuvenation where before I had been having heart drought (the best way I can describe it).

I ended up opening my own business - Lewis Media Consulting - and God is blessing it ten fold. I pray that this business will give Him the glory always. I am freelance writing, helping with websites, organizing promotions and fund raisers for businesses and non-profits, I am helping with video and video hosting and I am still broadcasting. God is SO good and the people He has placed in my life are such a blessing.

I encourage you not to do what I did. Don't let it take so long to listen to our Alpha and Omega. The one who knows our past and has planned our future. We are His workmanship created in Christ Jesus to do good works which he has already laid out for us to do. Respond to Him.

:) Thank you for hearing my God talk,

- Trinity

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