Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A school prayer

Dear Lord we come to you today 
we humbly bow our heads to say
that we are thinking of our students now. 
Our schools have changed since days of old
when prayer started things and truth was told. 
Now we fear that your name isn't said honorably aloud.  
Be with the teachers for they mold ideas.
On purpose, or not, may your truth they reveal
and Lord be working in them all year long. 
Be with the principal and school board members
help them to know in their hearts and always remember 
that a life without heavenly purpose will always feel wrong.
Most of all be with our kids as they go,
we've taught them your ways so they will always know
that real truth exists and heaven is for real. 
Give them roots in you, to take a stand. 
Give them pride in what it means to be an American.
Give them humility, confidence and zeal. 
Be with the custodians and all school personnel.
Give them love for the students and show them how well
they can make a difference in each and every one.
Bless the parents as the little ones leave
and when things get busy help them to cleave
to this moment in life that is here and all too soon gone.

- Trinity

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