Tuesday, July 8, 2014

the best sport

The idea of baseball is so American, I feel like it’s a sport you gotta love. 
There’s something special to each kid when they learn to use a new leather glove. 

And football is just tradition. Every little boy dreams to one day be weighed down by pads
And if they’re lucky they know they’ll grow up to be able to play as good as dad. 

To some, other games qualify too like golf and soccer and volleyball
But today I propose to you the reason rodeo is the best sport of them all. 

It’s not because the roughstock guys are so crazy they’re heroic
And it’s not because of the dazzling cowgirls and how they can ride around a barrel so slick. 

It’s not because of those doggers who make a big steer look like a wimp
And those tie-down guys that make tyin’ a calf in eight flat look like a cinch. 

Sure all the events are fun to watch and even more exciting if you know how to do one or two.
But if you’re just there for the performance you’re missin’ out on what’s goin’ on in front of the chutes. 

In no other sport does the announcer read an allegiance to the stars and stripes
And then have every man and woman stand to honor all those who volunteer to stand for America and fight. 

Show me another sport where the world champions are just normal as can be 
And if you spend any time around ‘em you’ll see them doin’ the same stuff as you and me. 

If there’s a sport that celebrates family as much as rodeo, I’d really like to know.
Have you seen an NFL star give a High five to a little guy in the crowd who rooted for him so?

And on what field or court have you seen a dad and son on the same night perform,
Just like Grandpa and grandpa’s grandpa had all done in the arena and on the ranch before.

In what other sport, tell me, do they pray before anything else begins?
And where else can you be with a total group of strangers who, by the night’s end, are your friends?

Is there another activity where the roots of America are celebrated with applause?
Where people aren’t afraid to make jokes in the arena and seriously talk about God. 

It’s a little boy on his mama’s hip chearin’ his daddy on with all his might. 
It’s a winner who humbly refuses to take all of the spotlight. 

It’s wild times and trouble, yeah there’s no way avoidin’ that as a whole
But I’ll tell you now ‘cuz it’s sure true, when I want belief in America rekindled I just head to a rodeo.

- Trinity Lewis

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