Tuesday, July 15, 2014

America's Problem

I love patriotism, and America will always have my heart. When people complain to me about such and such or so and so, "America's problem", I cringe! America has a problem? I beg to differ. Do her citizens struggle with a few things? I know I do-this is it:
Americans (including me) have a self control problem:
Do you know of another country so immersed in technology that counseling has to be offered - and those advisors are contacted via email or their number is searched by an I-phone?
Do you know of another country where the tolerance agenda is so regularly pushed that the people's Constitutional first amendment rights are disregarded in order to make people feel good?
Do you know of another country where people spend so excessively that the government actually supports them to such an extent that people take for granted the definition of welfare? Oh and that government that is handling the finances of so many individuals has driven themselves into the gutter of ownership by foreign countries.
Do you know of another country that constantly talks about healthy food and healthy habits so much so that its citizens overdose not just on junk food but on enough health food to make it act like junk.
Do you know of another country so accepting of religion that it has forgot it's foundational religion - one of salvation - and ushered in representatives from religions that teach its followers to kill the country's most morale citizens?
America's problem is that her citizens can't train themselves to use something scientifically proven to promote a healthy life and healthy society - moderation!
Just like everything else change doesn't begin at the top-all great change in America begins around the dinner table. What are you doing to practice self control in every aspect of your life?

I know I have changes to make - and I plan to start those today. I also plan to make that a dinner conversation...


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