Tuesday, July 1, 2014

a few of my favorite fourth of July things

1. Going to the Parade
If memory serves correctly, each 4th of July morning we would have to decide whether we would all get to go to the parade or if someone (usually my dad) would have to stay home to "make hay while the sun was shining".
2. Water fights at the free post parade barbeque
My parents had 6 kids so we never missed the free food afterward. I don't know if it was the hot air or our lack of getting to town to see other kids but a water fight always seemed to break out at some point.
3. Election years
Not because I was old enough to vote! Election years guarentee double the candy and a bunch of patriotic stickers too...there were stickers my parents would take off of me as soon as I proudly put them on...? Not sure what that was all about.
4. Gunny sack races and playing in the park
To all of the groups that helped to put on the numerous kid games at the park on the 4th - thank you! As a youngin' I think I was too caught up in all of the fun to ever express how special our "play day" at the park really was!
5. Fireworks
It seemed to me that the fireworks never started until the middle of the night. I think my parents usually had to wake me up to watch them and I'm quite certain that it wasn't until I was into my double digit ages that I realized we weren't really watching a war - I guess that means my parents knew how to bring the meaning and story behind fireworks to life.
6. The heart altering feeling that a day full of red and blue, floats and friends, God Bless the USA and the Star Spangled Banner can evoke.
I hope that all parents make Independance Day as important to their kids as my parents made it to us. Every year I am refreshed with, at least the thought, that Americans still love America and understand her greatness. God bless her!

- Trinity Lewis

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