Wednesday, June 11, 2014

He's a father

He's a little bit John Wayne, the stern look, deep voice and friendly smile.
He's part community leader having held positions for which he was elected and many others for which he just volunteered.
He's one of the biggest problem solvers known to man be it a problem about math, relationships, college, occupation or finances.
His shoulders are broad and strong the perfect perch for a little boy or girl.
He's a tough hand that isn't afraid to spank kids in order to give them a large dose of respect for others.
He's a big hug and a chest to lay your head on and cry.
He's a lesson on leadership, congeniality, philosophy and finances.
He's a little bit of religion and a good glimpse of what our heavenly father will be like.
Often times he's disguised as a rancher, businessman, director of family affairs and your personal cheerleader.
He's questioning his tactics from time to time, acting with much more confidence than he really feels. But he knows it's worth it because every time he looks into the eyes of his blonde haired, social butterfly of a daughter he says to himself "It's my job to show her how a real man treats a lady." And he swallows hard when he looks down at  his boisterous son and nods as if accepting the task to show this boy how to be a real man. Not just being tough and working hard but standing up and taking initiative and one day leading a family of his own.
He's taken on a task belittled time and again by our society.
He's part of a battle already won but gruesome to be involved in.
He knows it's a job that must be done and he, although with fear and discomfort to some extent, knows that it's a torch he can't pass on to anyone else.
He's a father, the key to success to little boys and girls, the rock to all loving wives, the heaviest load one could offer to bear, he's the backbone to a healthy society, he's a father.

To my dad, David Holland, God couldn't have blessed me with a better man to raise me. Thank you for all you've done and all you continue to do. I'm so thankful you are the glimpse of God in my life.
You've told me many times "Anyone can be a father but it takes someone special to be a dad." So today, happy Dad's day! I love you, Trinity

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