Thursday, June 5, 2014

10 Things Summer Means to a Ranch Kid

1. Swimming in the "pool".
Known to many of our city friends, and even ourselves on different occasions, as a stock tank.

2. Getting a tan.
A brighter perspective to those running open cabbed, or cabless, haying equipment.

3. Working out.
You know, throw a hay bale, stretch a wire, run up the hill to move the water, run down carrying more pipe. The ushe ;).

4. Making money.
Let's face it, at 25 cents per row of weeds pulled in mom's garden we are sure to become rich soon!

5. 4-wheeler riding.
The real weeds have to be sprayed somehow!

6. Lunch breaks.
Sandwiches just taste better from the middle of a pasture and out of the cooler your mom just hauled.

7. Trail Rides.
Not to be confused with the trail rides many of the neighboring dude ranches will be hosting this summer. Getting cows from winter pasture to summer can be enjoyable but it's not without challenges.

8. Rocking out.
Also known as walking fields for hours picking rock so that machinery isn't stalled. Truly a skill that those with fields to farm can appreciate.

9. Sleeping in.
We won't tell them you've been baling all night after cutting hay all day if you won't!

10. Raising cane.
No, really. Not so much a part of ranching but it is something that our farmer neighbors can grow in this region (well that and/or beets).

So, I guess it's true. Ranch life, although it isn't exactly what a lot of non ranchers think it is, sure is a beautiful thing!

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