Thursday, May 8, 2014

To The Ag Teachers:

Tuesday was Ag Teacher Appreciation day and I totally missed saying anything about it!
I had an extraordinary ag teacher, Justin Bailey, in high school who made an incredible impression on my life and then in college I was blessed to have Heath Hornecker as someone who is now one of my greatest mentors.

If it weren’t for these men I wouldn’t have known:
How to melt the tip on a welder. Well, Mr. Bailey tried to show me how NOT to do that and then he finally gave up and I just used the arch welder.
How to keep an accurate record book – the painful things they are.
How to present myself as a professional.
How to collect my words and present them in the most impactful manner.
How to be graceful – believe it or not both of these men sure are!
How to get to know someone before you decide your opinion on them.
How to dress for shop class – turns out crocks aren’t a good idea.
How to “pull the trigger” and stand behind your decision both in competition and in life.
How to order food at a restaurant.
How to act like a teammate.
How to handle long trips.
How to mind my own business.
How to keep a “Kudos” file.
How to worry less about being cool and more about being a leader.
How to worry less about being so hard on myself and more about appreciating the moment of life I’m in.
How to shut up when necessary and speak up needed.

From their example I learned to:
Be better at deductive reasoning.
BS when needed.
Be proud of where I came from and not apologize for my roots.
 See that “cool” isn’t always what is really “cool.”
Have a great variety of music on an i-pod and card games ready to go.
Take care of my family first.
Learn how to read other’s cues and actually offer to help when you see that things aren’t ok.
How to say no to being good and strive to be great.

Thank you to all of the ag teachers in my life. These are the two who have shaped my life the most but there are MANY of you who have invested in me one way or another and each of you are people I hold in the highest regards. I’m always honored to get a phone call from one of the ag teachers in my life, have one of them ask me for help or to share with me their thoughts on life. Always entertaining, often times inspiring and more times than not pretty life altering. To all the ag teachers who have touched my life – thank you! 

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