Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Ahhhhhh! Summer seams to finally be here! The sun has been so bright and it has been shining down that special warmth one can only feel during the summer months. Justin and I have been trying to spend a few hours each evening pruning the bushes in our yard and cleaning up some of the trees that were damaged during the heavy winter snows.
As I snipped branches last night (snipped because if they're big enough to need a real cutting Justin has to do it) I began to think about the pruning that my caretaker has been doing in my heart. What?! You've never heard it put that way? Well, I hadn't either until one of my great lady friends began to tell me about some rough stuff going on in her life but it was just the pruning that God was doing. You know, things like convicting her when she bears false whiteness or was outspoken when she shouldn't have been.
I smiled as I cut those branches. Some of them were dead the entire way until the end where they'd have one tiny cluster of leaves. I knew that if the bush as a whole didn't have to push energy all of the way out of the branch to that tiny cluster, the rest of the bush would do better. Isn't that how it is with us too? Sometimes we develop habits that truly are good. For me it's volunteering. However, the good things we are doing are taking so much energy that some of our other priorities are neglected. If I say yes to everything (which I have a habit of doing) I don't have time to keep up on my housework. I don't have as much energy during the day and I'm not the encourager my family needs. Sometimes there are just long, dead branches in our life that need to be cut off. Maybe it's something that's always been a part of your life that never has been helpful. I guess one of my dead branches is probably sensitivity. God is pruning me there right now. I've realized that the real root to being overly sensitive is pride. That's not what my attitude should portray.
Getting "pruned" isn't easy. One of the hardest parts is that a certain piece of us of us becomes vulnerable. God communicates that He wants us to release that to Him so that we can be spiritually healthier as a whole. I'm not sure what God is working on in your heart right now. I know He is helping me clip several areas and although it can be challenging I am thankful.
What we must keep in mind is the end result. I was so excited to see my bushes without long, dead parts dangling around so that the blossoms and the leaves would just explode from the live branches. God wants us to bear fruit of the spirit. I am confident that a little adversity is worth it in the end.

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