Sunday, May 11, 2014

my ranch mom

Some people think of their mom and they think of a delicate lady in a flowing gown. Or maybe they think of a sporty soccer mom in all Addidas clothing. When I think of my mom completely different thoughts come to mind. You see, my mom is a ranch mom.
She's been getting up before everyone else for I don't know how many years. 
Her laughter is always uplifiting and rare but impactful are her tears. 
She wears a bandana while gardening and a cap while in the barn. 
She taught me to sow pretty dresses and crouchet with colorful yarn. 
Her face isn't without blemesh, worry lines cover it well. 
She never let us go to bed hungry and many nights she'd sit with us for a spell
when we were sick or maybe heart broken or worried about hardships that came our way
in her mellowest tone with an sincere care and understanding she'd offer pray. 
You're not likely to find her at banquets, or drinking coffee or wine with the girls.
She's bought new dresses only for her kid's weddings and always worn hand-me-down pearls. 
But my mama is the prettiest mama, the most beautiful woman of them all
whether she's feedin' bumb lambs or weeding her garden or shoveling out the stalls. 
She's the planner of many suprise parties and hayrides. Cooking for crowds is her forte.
She's the hardest worker I've ever known but she's always up for some play. 
Whether skiing or sledding or crouqet or practical jokes
she plays along, is competitive and suprises a lot of unsuspecting folks. 
My mom's quiet spirit and ability to listen, now those are things I want to emulate. 
She's one of the Godliest women I've ever known. No matter how much is on her plate
you can bet she'll be the one visiting widows and many kids have lived in our home
The sick and the hurting and those previously rejected she doesn't just leave alone. 
She's known for her hommade bread and goodies but how does she find time to make them? 
She might be a ranch wife and she's never owned a cape but I swear my mom can out do Superwoman. 

- Trinity Lewis

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