Friday, May 23, 2014

It's the little things

Lord, help me to remember what Christianity is about today. 
Let me be loving and lovely that is what I pray. 
Help me to remember it's not one act that makes me a follower of you, 
it's the little things, each decision and thought in everything I do. 
Constantly for you Lord, that is what I strive
but gosh it isn't easy with my heart so full of pride. 
I wish it were just one statement, one declaration quick
"I'm a Christian, I love God" and for that attitude to stick. 
I know you understand that real life brings temptations and problems readily
but they become easier to handle and tackle if I follow you steadily. 
For when I've made it a habit to make little decisions focused on you
the big events aren't so complicated, I know just what I have to do. 
Today's been pretty easy Lord, I've not spoken a nasty word or sinned
but I'm about to get out of bed and that's when the rough stuff begins. 
So, hold my hand and guide me, please and send tough stuff my way
for those tough situations are what keep me clinging to you day by day. 


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