Monday, May 19, 2014

Is America worth it?

America seems to be a little backward some of the time.

We are so blessed to have an overabundance of food. In fact globally, the lowest percentage of our income goes toward groceries...and yet we complain about food prices.
We are one of the only countries where our poor people are not starving ... our poor people are fat!
We scream about the war on women when a business fires a female CEO who wasn't doing her job or when dress codes are upheld. In other countries the war on women is a real war where women are treated with less respect than animals or land.
We worry so much about security that we trap our little ones in buildings without any guns.
We are so nervous about our popularity that we create sites to make us popular and then neglect the people in our own home.
We get so caught up with keeping up with the proverbial Jones that we dive deep into debt just to live in a house we can never afford driving vehicles we have to lease to be able to drive with toys of all kinds that actually just represent red numbers on a very unbalanced balance sheet.
We are so safe in our society that we decide to redefine every part of it including marriage and parenthood and all things that are socially acceptable.
We are so nervous about giving everyone the right to say whatever they would like that we aren't allowed to say what we would like because that would be politically incorrect.
We have so little to worry about that our biggest worries are things considered extreme luxuries by so many others like "which form of entertainment should we take in tonight."
We so very badly desire the ability to communicate that we can call, email, text and tweet but we have forgotten how to pen a letter or talk.
We have such a strong desire to be globally significant like all of the movie and pop stars we see that we forget to make ourselves locally relevant and "growing roots" is no longer a priority.

So, you ask, what is there to love about America and her people? Why should we remain patriotic?
The answer is simple.
We are the only country where you can get in your car and travel wherever you would like without asking anyone's permission.
We have the ability to carry and own guns and protect our families.
We are able to own private property.
We have the rarity of being able to be inspired at a Church service with the denomination of our choice.
We have the opportunity to have humble beginnings and end up leading our country.
We have schools where kids can learn from teachers who are paid well.
We have the option to have any job we'd like if we are willing to work for it and to start our own business if we want.
We have people on the front lines giving their lives for our freedom.
We have a history that shows God's mercy time and time again when His people were willing to turn to Him for guidance.
We have the ability to lead the world in agriculture, industry, natural resources and national security.
We have amazing people scattered from coast to coast and border to border. Each with a huge God given purpose and if each of those purpose-filled Americans would decide to completely surrender all of their blessings to God's plan we would have an America that made a lot more sense. An America like the world once knew.

- Trinity

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