Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Intolerance is the new Tolerance

Did you hear about Rutgers University’s rejection of Condoleeza Rice as a commencement speaker? The school hired her to speak at their graduation and then a very small group of protesting students decided she’s a war mongering killer because of her association with the Bush administration thus convincing the school to cancel her as speaker. They then invited one of Rutgers’ past football players, who had actually become paraplegic while on their team, to speak- until the student group decided he was not worthy of speaking honors either.
They say that orange is the new black. Well, it is evident to me that intolerance is the new tolerance. Hear me out on this, I’m actually not one of those tolerance pushers myself because ever since that whole agenda began the rhetoric really was “You need to be tolerant of the things I want you to be tolerant of and my intolerance to the things I see you being tolerant of can be my guide.” Hmmm that sounds warped. If one of the smartest and most accomplished women in our nation’s history is not allowed as is one of the school’s icons, we have to ask where the root of the problem is hiding. Here’s the thing, the Rutgers situation is only one of many like it in the US. It is like Hillary being able to claim that she’s persecuted for being a women when someone says they wouldn’t vote for her as President and yet hosts at MSNBC can have absolutely disturbing and perverse conversations about Sarah Palin – on air – and that’s just fine. Well it is not fine.
Our culture is now making decisions on feelings instead of facts and that is the root. If I feel like your opinion offends me I scream “intolerance!” and who knows, you might just be arrested for hate speech. The bigger issue with this is that feelings are constantly changing whereas facts remain the same. No human should be treated badly but we are a fallen world and that will happen. But I urge you to not get trapped in this “I might hurt your feelings and you might hurt mine” world of mamby pambiness and buck up people! The facts don’t lie! We live in a world where people are without hope and need saved, the economy is going south faster than a turnip greens famished Louisianan, our country is at war, young people are dying at the hands of their peers and we are all marching around like a bunch of junior high girls being offended over everything. Well, if change doesn’t start with us then where, if it doesn’t stop now then when? If I could address America as a whole my message would be this: Realize that a spirit constantly defending itself is just one full of pride. Maybe you need to hear some rough stuff to understand that you’re not all that and a bag of chips! Learn humility people. Fight for what the facts say are true and leave the rest for someone far less advanced than you to worry about.
Now I will step off of my soapbox to continue in my world that I’m sure offends so many, because I’m white, a woman, I’m young and I’m not persecuted, have not had war waged against me and I have some worldly success. That sure isn’t the way the left thinks it’s supposed to work…

- Trinity Lewis

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