Saturday, May 10, 2014

Dear Mother-in-law

Mother's Day is just around the corner. We've bought our cards and sent them and I hope to remember to call my mom and remind my husband to call his. It is without effort that I find things to thank my mom for on Mother's Day - gosh the lady has been with me literally through everything...EVEN WHEN I DIDN'T ASK HER TO BE! What I want each of us with mothers-in-law to consider is this - are we doing what we need to thank them?

Thus I offer this to the woman that God knew would make me a better woman, someone I can look up to and be friends with and be thankful for every day my mother-in-law, Coleen:

Dear Mother-in-law,
I know I don't always take time to tell you this but thank you!
Thank you for raising your little boy to be someone who has the purest heart. Thank you for sticking with him during his ornery years so that he would be pretty refined by the time he got to me. Thank you for teaching him what hard work looks like. Thank you for standing strong and telling him no when it would have been easier to say yes and saying yes when the answer he wished he could hear was no. Thank you for giving him chores. Thank you for whatever you did to make him a cuddler and someone who knows the importance of singing songs to me, just like his mom did for him. Thank you for being a mom that goes and does stuff with your family. That breeds a cohesiveness that seems to only be in the movies now. Thank you for helping him understand the importance of presentation so he doesn't look like a raggamuffin :) .
Thank you for setting your standards high so that your boys know how to help around the house, take care of business and always offer a helping hand. Thank you for allowing your little boy to try new things, even when you knew that failure might be the outcome, and for giving him the security of knowing that failure isn't final and there's always another route to take. Thank you also for letting him make decisions that you wish he wouldn't have and allowing him to learn from the consequences.
Thank you for taking your son to Sunday school. Thank you for showing him how to be thoughtful and always giving and attentive to other's needs. Thank you for teaching him to respect his elders and for reminding him that the way he conducts himself is a reflection on his whole family - he sure makes me proud and I'm sure he does the same for you.
Thank you for sending that full grown little boy off to college. Thank you for not letting him stay home after that first Christmas break when he wasn't sure more schooling would actually help him.
Thank you for being so sweet to me. From the very beginning you acted interested in the things happening in my life. Without stepping over any boundaries you have reached into my life and shown me new ways to do things and encouraged me with other things I stubbournly do my own way. Thank you for being accepting of my housekeeping, cooking and wife abilities - and the lack thereof. Thank you for not giving up on me when I've acted poorly. Thank you for letting us live so far away, I know as a parent that has to be hard. Thank you for the frequent visits and for the way you've made your home feel like my second home. Thank you for including me in all of the family traditions and honoring my family's traditions too. Thank you for the long talks, park walks and hours you spend worrying about and praying for your sons and their families. Thank you for your example.
Thank you most of all for lending me your little boy and letting me be his wife!
I love you!

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