Friday, April 18, 2014

When I think of Easter I think of...

When I think of Easter I think of...

Sheep shearing season and Spring time flowers
Watching for the Easter bunny from the window for hours
The first colors dot the prairie via Spring time flowers
and everyone at our house for Service at Easter Sunrise

Trying to figure out which color combination to dye eggs
Newborn calves trying to stand up on their four wobbly legs
The way that Daddy says a prayer, thanking God for his grace
and seeing tears in his eyes.

I think of Sunday clothes Mama sewed so we kids would match
Being in the play at Church, and baking Easter cookies - a huge batch
Stealing Peeps from my siblings that always turned into a wrestling match
I'm the smallest so they always won.

It's the Pine trees smelling fresh and green grass growing
The cursing you'd like to do when the weather keeps snowing
The peace that is found just in knowing
that there's hope because of God's only son.

- Trinity Lewis

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