Monday, April 14, 2014

Sunday Ramblings...A Turkey's Life

It's another Monday. I think we can all breath a collective sigh and it's not really one of relief. This Monday finds me catching up on over 200 emails (all of great importance ;) ), preparing a show, writing several speeches and taking care of business for some groups/boards of which I am part. I was gone all last week and the make up for that always seems to remind me why staying home is usually a good idea!
Anyway, I did have time yesterday to go turkey hunting with Justin. I'm always amused by nature. It's amazing to think about each of the animal's instincts and the way that they are made to stay safe from elements and predators alike. As the day wore on my mind began to focus on all of the tasks I would have to accomplish at work today. I began to envy these avian we were chasing around. All that they have to do in a day is wake up, leave their nest, mate with other turkeys (and only during certain seasons) and then go to bed. I guess there are some other things that take place in that time like eating and other life processes but gosh they don't have too many responsibilities. I remember when I was little I always thought it would nice to be a bull or a buck. They get to eat all year round and they only have a job once a year. Pretty simple and a lot of grazing, drinking and sleeping is involved - sign me up!
When I start to feel flustered about life I have to stop for a moment and realize why my burdens are really a blessing. I have a job and responsibilities to allow me to work toward my life purpose. For some reason God gave me the position He has and I know He has big plans. I just need to seek Him everyday to ensure that I am doing all that He asks of me - Oh and that I'm doing it without complaining or disputing. I wonder what it's like for God to look at my life. All of the things that I think are big life changing moments probably look like a walk in the park to Him. Isn't it great that we have a God who knows all, can do all and wants you and I to be part of it all?
As much as I'd like to have a turkey's life, at least some days, I have decided to praise God today for all of the tasks I get to do! I get to be the girl on the radio. I get to have a positive influence on the lives around me. I get to be part of God's plan and I get to glorify Him during all of it!
I hope you get to do great things today too! I hope that you remember God has a great plan for your life - you might not get to strut around the forest but that means you don't have to sleep in trees or try to hide from hunters either :)!

- Trinity

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