Thursday, March 6, 2014

winter roads

It is wintertime in Wyoming and although I should be used to blizzard like conditions they always seem to make me a bit, no A LOT, nervous. After a long weekend away, my husband and I left before dawn to travel across the entire state with a tricky mountain pass as one of our barriers. 

Four o'clock in the morning rarely ever finds my husband chipper and on this particular morning that was once again true so I had the opportunity to be behind the wheel. Things were going okay, the snow was falling but the road had been warm enough that it remained sticky so I was still clipping right along at a great pace. Then we began to ascend the mountain pass that isn't completely unfamiliar to me but that I've not driven enough to feel intimate with. The farther we went the heavier the snow fell until I felt as if I was stuck in one of those little glass snow globes with a four year old ferociously shaking it to make everything a white mess. I reacted in the best way I knew possible - let my husband's sleep continue - put the pickup into four wheel drive and slowed to about twenty five miles per hour. Eventually, the snow became so thick that I couldn't see either side of the road, there was at least eight inches of unplowed snow built up in the road and I knew that there was a huge cliff next to me. After clenching to the wheel so tight that my knuckles were white and my arms and shoulders actually fell asleep, I stopped the pickup. I woke up Justin and told him to get me off of this dang mountain - I WAS SCARED TO DEATH. 

My world champion husband took the rude awakening very graciously and said he would get us down. Without even batting an eye, he threw the pickup into two high and drove fifty five mph the rest of the way over the pass. Talk about eating some pride! After all of the times I've assured Justin that I wasn't like all of the other girls I "am an exceptional driver" I had to sit back and thank God I had that man with me! 

It seems like snow storms aren't just something that happen in our climate, they happen in my heart sometimes. Or my mind. I'm not sure which one but I can attest to the feeling of being in the proverbial globe being shaken for all I am worth not knowing which way is up or down. How often have we allowed this feeling to set in and wished that there was something we could do to fix it? For me it's been an almost regular occurrence. One man I consider a great mentor often says "In life we are either about to head into a storm, we are in the middle of a storm or we are just coming out of a storm." Isn't that the truth. If it's not one thing it is another. I can tell you that, just like I have a world champion husband who isn't afraid of a little snow on the roads, I have a God who shaped and molded this world. He knows my circumstances and He knows my heart. It is only by turning to Him and saying "Get me off of this dang mountain!", or just the true turning over of your life to him, that He is able to jump behind the wheel and steer your life in His ordained direction. Don't get me wrong, God doesn't always pull us right out of the storms. Many times He allows us to go through tribulation because tribulation breeds character and character hope in Him. 

No matter what state of the storm you are, either headed for it, in it or just coming out, make sure your right hand man isn't a man at all. With Jesus Christ at the wheel things won't be easy but they will be filled with a purpose and a meaning and you'll have a pilot who can truly handle the rough roads. 

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