Thursday, March 27, 2014

The significance of 239.

If you are like my husband, you are frustrated with the constant coverage of the missing Malaysia flight that has mysteriously disappeared. If you ask me, it was most likely an act of terror which isn't very uncommon at all. It is interesting to watch as speculators try to determine what happened by sharing theories, many of which are absolutely outlandish. At Church on Sunday our pastor was telling us about countries where water is contaminated and compared the number of people who have died in the past 19 days (the number of days since the plane disappeared) to the 239 passengers on flight 370.

I don't want to disregard the hurt that must be filling the homes of those 239 passengers. The loss that each of those families feels has to be enormous. I do want us to take into consideration some other numbers that aren't getting 24/7 news  headlines:

People who've died from contaminated water in the last 19 days: 468,493
Babies who have been aborted in the last 19 days: 70,300
People who have died from cancer in the last 19 days: 29,401
American marriages that have died because of divorce: 45,600

I could go on to mention soldiers who've died in the past 19 days, people who have been killed by drunk drivers or just car accidents in general. The point I am trying to make isn't to necessarily put down our media. This is an important story that should be covered. I would like to encourage them to take on some other issues that don't receive exposure that may prove to be beneficial.

That's my two cents - I'd love to hear yours.


--- Please note these numbers are approximate ---

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