Tuesday, March 11, 2014

baking memories

Mothers sure are special. I think about young girls who haven't had the opportunity to spend time with their mom like I have and it makes my heart heavy to think about what they missed out on. While baking the other evening I began to remenice to all of the hours spent baking with my mom.
My mom has a reputation for being a world class pie baker. One pie that she made often for Sunday dinner and other gatherings was a chocolate cream pie. The flakey crust with chocolate filling and fluffy white top was to die for. When I was really small my mom would let me help her with this pie by just stirring the pudding - which she made from absolute scratch with milk fresh from the cow. As I grew older I became the official chocolate pudding maker in our house, a title that made me proud.
Mama always has, and still does, made all of her breads from scratch too. In fact, she grinds wheat from my sister's field and makes her own flour too. Whether it was baking loaves of bread or cinnamon rolls my mom would always give me (and any other kids helping) a handful of dough to practice kneading and to learn how to assemble whichever bread dish we were creating. We had two tiny pie pans that I loved to bake my little loaf of bread in and mama always encouraged it.
I'm not sure if she let me "help" just to keep me occupied or if she knew that one day I would have a family to feed and I would need to know how to do that correctly. Either way many hours spent in the kitchen were far from just hours spent baking. They were quality times where I learned from my mama, laughed with an amazing woman God blessed our family with and produced some aweful good food in the process. Baking with mama, another great memory from life in the country.

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