Thursday, March 13, 2014

America's future

Russia seems to be taking over and China is ever growing. 
Where the future of America stands? We have no way of knowing. 
Will my kids grow up with red, white and blue or will their flag be different?
The frustration I see in Washington D.C. causes me to lament. 
But then I have to realize, we're not the first ones in this position. 
Think about the Israelites, all of the years they spent in subjugation. 
Sure they had their years of doubt - many of them in fact. 
But when they turned their hearts upward, they had help when they were attacked. 
Although I'm not on the front lines, and I hope I never am,
I can be a patriot and make a difference where I stand. 
Our world is seeking just to find the truth behind the spin. 
We need to display the truth we know in our words and in our actions. 
As the great Ronald Reagan said "All great changes begin around the dinner table."
I'm convinced the world can change, if we are faithful and make up our minds that we are able. 
No, we can't single handedly attack Putin and we shouldn't take down our own leaders.
God made us for these exciting times and He has a power plan for each of us. Of that I'm sure. 
So ask of Him "What about today? What difference am I here to make?"
Make sure you let Him know your heart is focused on saving the world for His sake. 
The people who are world shakers weren't all born into it that way,
they made little changes that grew into significant results by obeying day by day. 

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