Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Today is National Ag day! In honor of those who feed and clothe us, here is AGRICULTURE:

A sunrise seen from horseback that's how we will use A. The hues of every color painting hope for the new day.
G is for Green pastures in the spring time when the grass is lush, a reminder to all of how good God's been to us.
R is the running water as it pours from high country, with lambs frolicking about and calves playing freely.
Inspiration on the ranch is easy to be found by birds flying overhead and wildflowers in the ground.
Cattle calls on winter mornings carry far and clear. They trail in a nice long line a new calf brings up the rear.
Understanding that without work nothing will get done, agriculture is a
Lifestyle like no other one.
T is for a teepee in a desolate area where the herdsman keeps watch and count and inventory on a big herd of healthy sheep.
Unique is the person who can handle farming or ranching, they're a breed all their own. They've
Realized how truly insignificant we are in the grand scheme but that's made their purpose grow.
Edification is due to them who feed us every day, that's why we send our aggie folks a big THANK YOU today! 

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