Tuesday, February 11, 2014

You know you were raised on a ranch if:

Lately, I've seen several lists about "You know you were raised on a farm if:" so today, I thought I'd share something geared toward all of us ranch kids!! If you have some to share I'd love to see them! :) 

You know you were raised on a ranch if:

When riding down steep hills the "Man from Snowy River" theme song plays in your mind.

You've ever stopped your car on the interstate, ran through the median and into another lane dodging trucks and cars all for the sake of a feed bucket.

You don't think it weird to have had calves and lambs on the list of newborns who've spent the night in your home (bath tub to be exact).

You've ever worn bog boots and/or Carharts to school and/or work.

You've wanted to correct someone for calling a cap a hat, a pickup a truck or soil dirt.

Some of the proudest accomplishments on your resume were from your years as an FFA member.

You can quote at least 3 John Wayne movies.

Chris Ledoux songs account for three of the top ten songs on your playlist (or all 10!).

One of your friends lists potential baby names and several of them you recommend because you had a favorite lamb or bum calf with that same name.

You don't think of seasons as winter, spring, summer and fall but as Christmas, calving, haying, fair and shipping seasons.

If forced to listen to reproductive chatter you prefer to hear about it as it relates to livestock.

If you've ever described someone's phenotype as it relates to a cow. As in "He's a real easy fleshing fellow but his brother has some real muscle dimension.

You have faded spots in your back jean pocket from where your pliers belong.

If you knew how to: drive a stick, drink a whole pot of coffee and pick a good herd sire, run a calf puller, butcher chickens and protect your family with your trusty 22 all by the age of 12 - you were probably raised on a ranch.

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