Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's day

What is Valentine's day? Some might hear the phrase and sigh.
It's a sappy love song and a love sick boy with a longing look in his eye.
It's a day of giggles for little girls as they open heart shaped cards.
It's a lonely day for some who have no one to keep the day from being hard.
It's old couples reminiscing and young couples making memories anew.
But Valentine's day has a special meaning wherever February 14 finds you.
Although we think we understand love - It's that feeling of deep appreciation -
Just a couple of thousand years ago someone came to earth to show the entire human population
that love isn't a conversation heart pressed to a frosted cookie,
it's not the sweat on the brow and nervousness  for a couple of love bird rookies.
Nah, love isn't just flutters and butterflies and a fancy date,
This Father showed His love by sealing his own son's fate.
You see it was God who first showed love, he is love after all.
He sent His only begotten son to be born in a dirty old stall.
That little boy grew up in a world full of the same hate and terror as our world today.
But He was sent here on a mission and He knew His role was an important one to play.
Although tempted, hated and threatened, He went on shining light.
He healed the leper, made the crippled walk and gave peace to those with fright.
There had to be a sacrifice so in heaven we might stay,
so he hung there on the cross on a dark and gloomy day.
He took the torture, the nails the spears and he even took their mocking.
He did it all and rose again so that one day with Him we'll be walking.
Can you imagine a father, the father of us all, who only had one son,
who would be willing to send that son down to a terrible world for the salvation of everyone?
Sure that story happened a long time ago but today's a perfect day to celebrate,
it's not the cards, roses, chocolates or room reservations on which we need to accentuate.
We need to focus mainly on love, and show it any way you'd like.
For it is the love of our God and King that offers us all eternal life.
Today you may not have a sweetheart, or maybe you've had one for a long while.
No matter the case everyday's a day for love. May that hope bring you a Valentine's smile!

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