Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's day memories!

Some of my fondest Valentine’s day memories begin at home. For as long as I can remember my mom was always the first one up in our house getting breakfast prepared and on the table. Valentine’s day was special because my mom always helped us to make sugar cookies with a conversation heart stuck to the middle. We were home-schooled then so we couldn't take the cookies to our public school classmates but we DID always take them to Sunday School with us that week. Usually we’d take them in Mama’s red, rectangular Tupperware container. At least that was my favorite one to use.
Back to the breakfast scene though, my dad always bought a little box of chocolates for each of us and he would have them sitting on our plates that morning. He usually had written on them with an ink pen notes like “You’re Daddy loves you!” I've heard so many stories on the importance of a good father in a young girl’s life, well I have the best father and this is just a little bit of evidence for that.
I didn't receive my first bouquet of Valentine’s day flowers until just a few years ago. I walked out of one of the administration buildings on my college’s campus just to find a class act of a young man with a bouquet of red roses- my favorite- in a maroon vase. He wanted to take me to supper that night but I told him I had to go to my three hour Animal Diseases class instead. Well, I’ll be making up for that date tonight. The same young class act is a bit older now but just like he’s matured and so have I our love has too and I’m so thankful that he really will be my Valentine this year and a lifetime of years to come!

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