Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The joke named Coke.

I was asked why I didn’t comment on air about the controversial Coke ad during the Super Bowl. Trust me, in my home that evening I sure did let the comments fly and words like “This is what’s wrong with America” may have slipped out. At first, I planned to write a lengthy blog about how angry I was over this truly un-American ad televised at one of the most watched broadcasts in the US. That was when I stopped to reconsider my own reaction and what really did allow for this ad to take place.

When we live in a world where:

God is only politically correct if used as a cuss word. Prayers are only “sent” in times of trial but are unspoken of during daily life. The American flag is flown at the same level as the flag of our favorite sports teams and sometimes below. The PC police will lock you up if you even peep about the virtues upon which our nation was built. Our soldiers are left stranded with empty guns and no aide from home. People in Washington have more power over your life than you do. More money is spent on snail science than the science of saving unborn babies. The people who feed the world are literally persecuted in the name of the protection of the environment. To say you believe in the Constitution, limited government, the right to bear arms, the ability to speak your mind even if your opinion is politically incorrect and to raise a family (because they are the only legacy that truly lives after you no longer do) - makes you a radical.

I guess it’s no surprise that America the Beautiful would be sung on an ad for a drink that is aiding one of the biggest epidemics our world has ever seen, by people who represent nations and religions threatening to turn our country into a “sea of fire” and all true Americans are expected to just smile. Apparently that’s what happens when “Change doesn’t come from Washington, change comes to Washington.” Mr. O, you can keep your change and drink your Coke, I liked my country just the way it was.

- Trinity Lewis

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