Monday, February 10, 2014

Sunday Ramblings...Vladimir Putin and my spiritual walk

Unless you have been comfortably tucked under a rock for the past week, you've heard the buzz about the inconveniences at Sochi right now as the Russians do their best to host the 2014 Olympics. Rooms have been deemed sub-par. Mechanics for the ceremonies have fallen apart...literally and although this year the numbers of attendees are up so is the cost of producing the event. The 2010 Olympics managed a budget of just over 5.5 billion euros, the Sochi games are expected to cost over 50 billion euros before everything is finished.  Vladimir Putin knew his country would be hosting this year's Olympic games for seven years now, and it's evident that the event staff has been able to lavishly provide billions of euros to get things into shape, all to no avail. Many of us are awe-struck wondering why things aren't happening absolutely flawlessly.

I think that Russia attempting to host the 2014 Olympics is similar to many of our lives as Christians. We look forward to Jesus coming. We talk about him at funerals and maybe at weddings. Some of us pour money into doing things we figure are "Christian." You know, donating food to food banks and soup kitchens, tithing every once in a while, buying a gift for the neighbor down the road who needs encouragement.

I am worried that we miss out on the real "meat and potatoes" of the entire situation. No matter how far in advance we are aware of Jesus arrival back to the earth to take the believers to Heaven, no matter the Christian deeds we do or the money we pour into worldly things, first and foremost Christ wants our hearts. He wants us to tell him "Lord, I'm yours. Have your way with my life, guide it in the direction you'd like it to go."  It's as simple as admitting you are a sinner and asking His forgiveness and then setting aside your priorities to yield to His.

It's not kind at all to point and chuckle at all that is happening in another country who is trying to make the Olympic games their very best, especially not when our souls might just be in the same boat - something to ponder this week.

- Trinity

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