Monday, February 24, 2014

Sunday Ramblings...titles, bull sales and being a Christian

I could be the only one this happens to but I like to think it's something everyone experiences at some point or another. The scenario is all too familiar. I'm dressed up in my Sunday's best. In my hand is my Sunday stack - my Bible, journal etc. and I am listening intently to the Pastor just to find out that the sermon he picked for the day was made to! The more in depth he goes about the topic, the more I want to sink down in my chair and say "Okay I got it! Talk to a different member of your congregation now!" 
I know that that's not actually how it works. I would be flattering myself to think such a great mentor would pin point me. Those sermons that do apply so strongly to something going on in my heart at the time are made for me though, or my heart is made ready for them by the Holy Spirit. That's how yesterday's sermon was. 
You see, on Saturday I'd been at a family bull sale. My oldest sister and her husband couldn't make me any prouder. They have worked extremely hard and it is amazing to see the way people respect them and even though they're some of the youngest people in their capacity people go to them for advice and information. After the sale I was talking with one of the ring men, a long time friend, who was telling me about an acquaintance of his who once helped in one of our President's close circle of staff. At that he had my attention. I began asking questions about the acquaintance and then even figured out a way for me to meet them. My older sister knows me all too well and kindly chuckled at my infatuation with titles. 
She may have chuckled but it's a serious heart issue of mine. If you've known a President (one that I respected), been on FOX news or even made it through Rush Limbaugh's telephone line I'm probably going to start ooing and awing over your experiences.  
Titles have always meant a lot to me I guess. The thought of having some letters after my name to signify that I received certain degrees, the word "Owner, Manager, CEO, Representative or even Guest Speaker" next to my name seems important. And that's always been okay. I've always been encouraged to strive and to be better...except none of those words actually make me better. 
You see, part of our sermon yesterday came from the verse in Mark "What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world yet forfeits his soul?" Sure, I may be the owner of the highest grossing company in the US or the world. Maybe I'll be the head leader of the largest non-profit Christian group in America. I might win awards for feeding the hungry and giving shelter to the homeless. One day I could even be the guest speaker at a banquet for a King.  But if I have all of that, even though they are great titles and may all be for very good causes, if I don't have my heart right with THE is all. worth. nothing. 
So, as I sit here blogging on a very snowy day I look at the titles that I currently hold. I'm the Vice President of a group, board member of others, assistant manager at work. I'm also a wife, an aunt, a daughter, a friend, a sister and, most importantly a Christian. That last title is my proclamation to be a follower of the one true God. Many days I'm not worthy of it, but we serve an amazingly gracious heavenly father abundant in forgiveness.
Titles will come and go. Just like fame or money or worldly success. A heart focused on Heaven, a truly beautiful person inside and out, an encourager, a devout believer in Jesus Christ who spent every moment of everyday striving to live in His will - those are the titles I want to be known for. This realization is one I've had before. I still smile too wide when I meet "big wigs" but for this flaw I'm thankful. It makes me run to my Lord for His guidance to love people for who they are, not just for the name plate on their desk or the title next to their name. 

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