Thursday, February 27, 2014

determined even in discouragement

It's that time of year again - calving season! It is always amazing to me to see a newborn on the ground taking his first breaths of life outside of his mother. As he lays there trying to get his barings the good old mama cow ususually gets him licked off quick. The part that is truly awe inspiring is the short amount of time it takes a new born calf to jump right off and follow his Creator given instincts to begin sucking right away. Those calves can be wobbly at first, but in just a few hours they'll act like they've been walking for months!

I've spent the past several days around new born human babies. It will be 10 or more months before those little people will be up on their feet. And yet, when they do begin standing they'll fall a lot. With each fall though, they'll get back up because they've been blessed with a pliable body that is gracious to their floor time.

If only we could be more like newborn babies or like the little calves that spring brings. Much of the time we are put in situations that cause us to fall. We may feel discouraged and start to get down on ourselves for our inability to be stable. We need to remember that just like the little calf has a mama cow to lick him and nudge him and to get him going, and just like the human babies have parents to hold their hands as they learn to walk, we have a big God who will reach out to us and help to pull us back up.

No matter what may be discouraging you today, try to be like the little ones. Lean on God, but remember falling down is a part of life. Discouragement is inevitable, it is how we deal with the discouragement that makes all the difference. 

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