Thursday, February 6, 2014

a quick swim on a cold day

This morning our home thermometer showed a frigid temperature of 22 below. With a bah-humbug and zip of my favorite jacket, I was out the door anyway and headed to my office. As I made the 30 minute commute, I heard people on the local radio station suggesting that the school district should let students stay home in this kind of weather. I had to smile as I thought back to my days in school.

Being raised on a ranch makes you accustomed to thinking differently when the snow flies or the temperatures drop. A cold house and keeping the electricity on aren't your main concerns. Most of those frigid days are the days we would spend quite a bit of time outdoors making sure all of the livestock was fed and watered and in an area where good shelter was accessible.

I remember one cold morning when my mom and I, axes in hand, headed out to the far west pasture where the bulk of our livestock was to break the ice on a big tire tank. My mom is always graceful and has a very mellow temperament, I take after my dad. She stood beside the tank breaking the ice one chunk at a time but, setting my better judgement aside, I decided she was doing things the slow way and I would show her how to speed things up. I climbed on top of the ice - take note, the ice had accumulated around the majority of the tank and we usually only broke open one side for the cows to drink from so this idea wasn't as foolish as you may have initially thought - and began swinging. Yup. You guessed it. I did such a good job I managed to break all of the ice and go for a nice swim as well.

I can laugh about all of my less than bright moments now, but I sure never laughed while they were happening.

So as the temperature reaches it's high for the day, still double digits below zero, I will just smile and remember the hope I would hold onto that school wouldn't be canceled so that I could sit in a warm desk instead of an icy water tank.

Below zero temps, chores with people I love and missing those days when school was my biggest worry - just another great memory from life in the country!

- Trinity

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