Wednesday, January 15, 2014

You know you were raised in a country Church if...

Last Saturday I spent quite a bit of time making meals to go into the freezer for my sister. She's expecting her firstborn any day now and I thought having some pre-made meals would make things a bit easier for her and her husband (a fed husband is a happy husband!).
Anyway, as I went about my morning digging through some of my favorite recipes and trying to decide which glass and Tupperware dishes I didn't mind kissing goodbye momentarily, I realized there are far too many signs around my house that I was raised in country Churches where potlucks are a regular occasion. Here's some of the evidence:
You know you were raised in a country Church when:
1. Most, if not all, of your dishes have your name on them. JUST your last name won't do because in the country it's likely there will be others with your same last name thus at least a first initial along with your last name are the bare necessities.
2. You have brownies recipes that make enough brownies for a small clan (and by small I mean at least 55). This must also be the case for various cobblers, cakes and cookies too!
3. You can make a casserole out of the combination of about any 5 (or so) ingredients. Some ones you like to have to start include, but are not limited to, noodles, potatoes, flour, or just about anything that goes well with tomato paste.
4. When you enter a kitchen, it takes less than 5 minutes for you to examine the cupboards and have a 99.9% chance that you'll know exactly which cupboard contains the serving spoons, plates, silverware and other imperative items (namely, toothpicks and salt).
5. You are an expert on using jello and jello like substances to make gourmet (as gourmet as a potluck is)  salads of all kinds: frog eyed, tapioca, cottage cheese - orange - spritzer, and a variety of others! All colorful and all edible!
6. Rumor of a birth, death, wedding or sickness cause you to feel the need to put a roast in the crock-pot and get five or six other meals whipped up.

Now that I've made the list I can't help but smile. There was definitely a time I rolled my eyes at my mom's "burden" of sending food with me everywhere I went. "You're going to spend the night at your friend's? Here, take these rolls!" She stopped by last night. I chuckled as I closed the door to her car - after putting in numerous baked goods, laundry soap (I found a new favorite kind) and some pictures. I guess it's true what they say, we become our parents. My mom was a country Church raised, food makin' lady and I guess one day I'll be that too - and I'm pretty content with that.

-Trinity Lewis

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