Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Thanks for the lessons, Dub

There are few things in my life that bring as much self reflection as a baby being born or a funeral. I guess these are two pretty different things in the eyes of many but most of us can agree that one leads to the other at some point down the line. When a new baby is born there’s quite a few things I pray for, the other newborns that that baby will one day call their best friends – make them be full of good morals and the kind of friends that build up instead of tear down. I also pray for the teachers that baby will one day have. Not just in the school system but all throughout life when God places people in that baby’s path to teach them things. Some good, some bad and some that everybody’s got to learn but I’d like those lessons to be taught gently and the good ones to sink in the most. This weekend I was at a funeral for a man I’m proud to call family, even if it was just shirt-tale relations. He is still someone I have a lot of respect for, not just him but the way he conducted himself and the way he lived his life. At the visitation of this man who was great in stature, morale and character, there were numerous stories told about him and a list of lessons I walked away with.

People said that Dub was a gentleman. Although he was a big man who had a lot of influence to shift around, he chose to do it in a graceful manner. So that the people around him never felt inconvenienced, instead he made them feel good and long to be better people.

Dub was also a “friend to everyone.” I like to think I don’t have any enemies. But I’ll be the first to admit that there are opportunities where I could be a better friend. People said that Dub knew the name of everybody he met, even if he just shook their hand one time. Well, I’ve spent numerous gatherings with people whose names I might get correct half of the time.

The thing that impacted me the most were the accounts people had of the way Dub prayed. They said that there wasn’t a prayer he said where his voice didn’t tremble. One person said, “You knew that he was talking to his Lord, and he was talking to his best friend too.”

Pretty simple lessons, be graceful, be a friend and know the Lord. To actually live those out in our daily lives is a much greater task. Dub’s example has impacted my life and many others. It takes a birth for me to think about the example I’m setting for young people but the passing of a life sure makes me stop and ask myself, what would they say about me if I died today?

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