Friday, January 24, 2014

Definitions you need to know!

I have seen numerous posts about what our country's ancestor's would think if they saw our nation today. I think they'd need some things defined for them so I picked 10 of the biggest buzz words in our nation right now

A culture corrupting contraption whose blue and white screen appears to conflict seeking individuals as the venue for a pot that they were placed on earth to stir.

Cell phones:
A shock collar to some.
Oxygen tank to others - if it's not attached to them they fear rigor mortis will set in.

Navigation system:
A back seat driver with a variety of annoying voices to choose from trapped in a box and attached to your dash. Don't make them mad or they WILL reconfigure.

Reality tv:
A place where a select group of the unskilled not hirable even to make sandwiches act to show the world what reality does not resemble.

Green energy:
Energy use in the shade of jade.

Political correctness:
The best way for inferior personalities to feel better about themselves. The criminalization of the innocent.

Fast food:
Food that drops rapidly to one's hips and thighs.

National security agency:
An nationwide agency in which none of your private life is secure.

Affordable care act:
An act where government power is the only care and affordability is measured on a multimillionaire's scale.

Programs of government assistance:
The federal government's most basic power grab. A scenario that forces absolute government dependency.

- Trinity Lewis 

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