Wednesday, January 8, 2014

America's war on Men - Men are not OBSOLETE like TIME Magazine claims!

I heard something on the news just the other day about an article exclaiming "Men are obsolete in modern day America!" The article came from TIME Magazine's Hanna Rosin and states in part:

Toronto’s mayor, a shining example of modern manhood is what I would call the canary in the coal mine, only he’s not quite as delicate as the canary. Because, you know, He’s got “more than enough to eat at home.” Are men literally obsolete? Of course not, and if we had to prove that we could never win. For one thing, we haven’t figured out a way to harvest sperm without them being, you know, alive. But in order to win this debate we have to prove that men, quote unquote, as we’ve historically come to define them — entitled to power, destined for leadership, arrogant, confused by anything that isn’t them. As in: “I don’t understand. Is it a guy dressed up like a girl? Or a girl dressed up like a guy?” They are obsolete.

Her article goes on to list five reasons the image of men in the past (which she paints in a very inaccurate and caveman like way) is non-existent in our modern world. I'd like to take some time to rebut this uninformed feminazi. 

Her list of reasons she knows men are obsolete starts with this: 
"Men are failing in the workplace." She describes the way that men are making less money than women and more men are failing at college. I wish I could go more in depth but let's start with the hypocrisy this statement declares. For centuries women that are part of the feminist movement have been whining that men make more money than them. That complaint has led to laws siding with these women and men being persecuted because they aren't part of the "minority" that federal grants and tax breaks are partial to. Folks, if a man is more capable in the office than I am, he should make more money! This isn't to say that if I'm working harder and truly excelling than I should have a pay raise but that should all be left up to private business owners and the meddling had of the federal government should be amputated! No wonder men are making less money...that's what your kind of women have been fighting for forever! 

Her second point:
"It’s the end of men because the traditional household, propped up by the male breadwinner, is vanishing." I've observed women, even in our old fashioned mid-western states, who have now championed this idea that men are idiots. Men can't make it in this world. Have you watched any tv shows recently or even listened to or watched advertisements? The man is always the dumb one who the wife has to rescue from himself. THIS IMAGE BEING ENDORSED IS ABSOLUTELY FALSE! Women, men are programmed differently than us and it is our responsibility as husbands and wives to cater to our mate's needs. MEN NEED TO BE BUILT UP AND MADE THE CHAMPION OF YOUR LIFE. THEY WANT TO BE YOUR HERO. Until you start treating him like the champion of your life, he has no occasion to rise to. Are mister moms the end to our society? Maybe, and probably, not but we ladies are the humans who were made to love and to nurture. When we force men into that position we are demoting them and robbing ourselves. 

"It's the end of men because we see it in the working middle class." 
Please excuse her poorly structured sentence and refer back to my argument to the first point. 

Rosin's fourth and fifth points: 
"It’s the end of men because men have lost their monopoly on violence and aggression." and "It’s the end of men because men, too, are now obsessed with their body hair." Miss Rosin and her feminazi friends have been campaigning non-stop to keep men from standing up for themselves deeming those actions "violent and likely to lead to abuse" If a man opens a door for these testicle twisting tyranical types, he is "Disrespectful! He doesn't think I can get the door for myself!" Now the image of a man with his hair combed over and wearing a sweater vest is the - in - look to such women because they know they can take advantage of them. And we wonder why men are choosing to be gay!!! These woman have worked so hard to tear men down and to sissify them that  it is no wonder they've lost all aggression and competitive drive. Heck, the movement starts with pee-wee football where it's politically incorrect to say one team beat another. THAT IS NOT REAL LIFE. Tell the little guys they lost and help them to improve for the next game! We can't destroy every God ordained habit of men and ask them to be neutral sissies who are too timid and lisp tongued to take a stand on the real issues!

This article isn't all bad - okay it is but it has helped me to decide some things I will be implementing at my home during 2014: 
I will make my husband my hero. 
If it's something as little as praising him for the great job he did mowing the lawn or oohing and awing over him for writing me a short (in my husband's case VERY short) love note, I WILL CHAMPION HIM FOR IT!
I will not tear my husband down with constant corrections. 
This will be hard for me because I thrive on being correct and pride myself on getting the facts right. If my husband is telling a story to our friends and says an event took place after dark when it really took place around noon - IT DOESN'T MATTER. In the long run, no one is really concerned with the little details and when I nit-pick my husband's every statement he feels belittled. GO FIGURE!
I will build my man up at home AND in public. 
Bragging isn't something I try to take part in. But there are so many amazing things I can publicly praise my husband for and I know that will result in him fully understanding that I believe in him, I respect him and respecting our husbands is ALL that the Bible calls us to do. 
Finally, I vow to make my husband feel like a man in every way I can. 
I don't think this needs to be explained any further. I'll appreciate his gruffy face and calloused hands. I'll encourage the mighty hunter I married to take trips to fill our freezer with organic nutrition. And whether I make more than my husband or not, I will treat him as the breadwinner and the head of my household. Men were made to be respected and to lead. When we as a society tear them down, we tear our entire culture and nation down. Miss Rosin has it all wrong! 

- Trinity Lewis

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