Monday, December 2, 2013

three weeks before Christmas

Twas three weeks before Christmas when all through the towns
all the creatures were stressed out and wearing long frowns. 
From mothers with precious little ones to Dad's with great jobs, 
the average American was all but full of sobs. 
You see a big movie star passed away and the government was a mess 
run here, run there pile on a bit more stress. 
The worry of family coming, what are we going to do?
There's that snotty daughter in law and Aunt Betty better than you. 
One family worried, like most do each year
"How will we make this Christmas special with added on cheer?"
In one little town in America, world
a mother and father sat talking with their thoughts in a whirl.
"We've purchased the nicest Christmas tree money can buy.
We have a huge list compiled so we don't miss a gift and make the kids cry.
We have dinner planned, it's our fanciest one yet,
we'll have lobster and filet mignon and fresh halibut. 
The evening before Christmas, you know what we'll do,
we'll order Santa to visit here, that'll be something brand new." 
And so on they planned like everyone else 
but in all their planning there was someone left on a shelf. 
You see it's not the Christmas tree or the food or the fun, 
it's the peace and the hope that Jesus brought for everyone. 
No matter the gifts and no matter the size,
no matter the look of want in your little one's eyes,
if the gift is just toys that will be cool for a week
and if the gathering is one where everyone tiptoes so's not to misspeak, 
and if there is no Christ in our Christmas this year
the magic in the holidays won't last long, I fear.
So let's slow down the buying and turn down the tunes.
Let's not worry about big feasts and decor and balloons.
 Let's each take a moment, and each send a prayer up
and thank God for sending a savior to us. 

- Trinity 

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