Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Only a little you :)

It was just a little boy named David and only a few little stones. 
It was only a boy who stood there and fought the giant alone. 
It was just a little boy named David but Jesus he did praise
and that little boy named David changed nations for all the rest of their days. 
It was just a man who couldn't speak well, and who wasn't fit for the job,
but "I can do all through Him who strengthens me" and he did many things with the help of God. 
It was just a baby floating down a river, barely saved by a murderous law.
It was only a sheepherder he grew into but he led other's so that God's miracles they saw. 
You might only be a doctor or worker at the grocery store. 
You might only be a stay at home mom who helps to care for the poor. 
You might only be a farmer who works to bring food from the land. 
You might only be an American who does the best they can. 
It's not the mighty one's God uses, on Him they don't always feel a need to depend. 
He uses those meek but willing to speak and be a witness for Him. 
You might not know your purpose yet, but be patient and stay tuned.
God has a big purpose that needs done and for that purpose He created you. 
So don't ever feel down if you're not a big wig or the CEO of a big company. 
When our lives are done, a life lived for Him is all that will matter in eternity. 

- Trinity Lewis

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