Friday, December 20, 2013

He's the man...

He's a man who isn't perfect, I'm sure he's let some people down.
He's a man who loves the country and goes stir crazy in town. 
He's a man who understands the Bible and all it has to say,
He's the man who helped me to grow up and be how I am today. 
He's the man who'd say one witty sentence and I'd memorize it to sound clever.
He's the man who taught us to still work hard no matter the chill that was in the weather. 
He's the man whose t-shirts I'd ask to wear at bedtime cuz I thought it was cool. 
He's the man who made me blush with his loud cheering at sports events at school. 

He's the man the boys had to call and ask before we could go out on a date. 
He's the man who was blunt and told me that true love is worth the wait. 

He's the man I get some looks from and some characteristics too. 
He's the man many have asked advice from and taken their problems to. 
He's the grandpa of my kids (someday) and an encourager all of the time,
He's the husband to my mama, he's my dad and he's mighty fine. 

Happy birthday to the best dad I've ever had ;) !!

- Trinity

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