Friday, December 13, 2013

a speech to remember

The crowd had all gathered for an evening of celebration,
an ag dinner full of ranchers to whom the businesses extended appreciation. 
The first speaker was the ag secretary and he said a nice thing or two, 
he was followed by the mayor with a kind greeting and a long list of to do's. 
But the person who quieted the crowd and then left them all in awe
was one in a three piece suit with his hair coverin' up his bald. 
He cleared his throat and all were wonderin' just how he fit in here. 
The message he was about to send would ring out loud and clear.
"I might not look like it now but I was raised knit closely to the land. 
We plowed and planted and poured on fertilizer into that sand. 
We scooped more poop than is pleasant to mention, not a spot on my hand uncalloused. 
We hayed and grazed and herded and slept with sheep and cows. My folks said it was good for us. 
I never understood when high school came around and we never seemed to have much fun. 
Unlike our town friends we had to go home and start workin' right away when the school day was done.
But you know out there on our farm and ranch out of all of the stuff we had to do,
the one thing we never did was go hungry, and ag folks, we all owe a big thank you to you."
With that the man left the podium and as he stepped down the room let out applause, 
it was a salute to the rancher folks there but the business people understood better their cause. 
So whether you live in the city or you live in the country and understand this long chore list, 
make sure to tell the suited man's story, so the ag people's legacy isn't overlooked or missed. 

-Trinity Lewis

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