Tuesday, December 17, 2013

a country Christmas

There's somethin' special about bein' a country person when Christmas rolls around.
When the wood is all stacked and the cookies are baked and the snow is fallin' on the ground.
You see it is the country folks who can relate the most to that first Christmas day,
they've traveled a long way to comply to government wishes and they've filled many a manger with hay.
Country folks understand a simpler life where the things that matter the most aren't things at all.
And there have been many times they've prepared for a baby born in a stall.
No, not the human type but a little calf or a lamb that was in need of some extra attention.
It's the country folks who take time to spread extra cheer and understand the most traditional affection.
Many of us have memories, even from last Christmas, of ridin' on a hay wagon to carol all the neighbors,
then invitin' them back to the house to eat a big pot of chilly and to play a friendly game of poker.
Some folks call it plain nostalgia, a Christmas with all of the family home and happiness,
but for country people it's not memories of Christmas past, they enjoy Christmas present.
However, there's somethin' that they still do that many folks have let slip away,
those country folk remember to celebrate the miracle of Christmas and live for it every day.
When our lives get so filled with hustle and bustle that we forget about the sacred child born,
there can't be too much speacialness in our hearts on Christmas morn.
I'm sure glad to be a country person this Christmas and during this magical season,
this slower life is a more peaceful one. May it always help us to remember the real Christmas reason.

- Trinity Lewis

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