Thursday, November 14, 2013

Why I don't care that Obama lied about us keeping our healthcare plan:

Isn't it interesting how our country works? We love to find things that are wrong, complain, and if they don't directly effect us, we figure whining was enough and we leave the situation alone. Isn't it also interesting how laid back everyone had been about the implementation of Obamacare. At least they were until they lost their insurance plans. So I guess the quote "If you like your healthcare plan you can keep your healthcare plan, period." isn't as final as some thought it might be. But why are we up in arms about one white lie? It's not like Obama has been God's gift to honest people. He's lied through his pearly whites since, I'm not sure when, but probably beginning with when he used to say he didn't take a cookie from the cookie jar or the Muslim equivalent thereof.
I could care less that Obama lied about anything at all. Who in their right mind thinks he's honest at all anyway? However, there are a few things about Obamacare that stop me dead in my tracks, a much more literal saying than many of us like to admit.
I knew the very thought of the law was sickening and very similar to the way healthcare was during Hitler's reign when, for some reason, all of the people who were mentally disabled began to disappear. Sure I was aware of the Obamacare outlook on precious lives inside a precious, but different, body. It was really driven home for me a few weeks ago when I was visiting with an older gentleman who has a son. The son should be my age but due to his mental disabilities resembles a young toddler in his thought process and body development instead of acting like the rest of us in our twenty somethings. The father said, with a lump in his throat, "They'll be the first to go." If that doesn't make you sick I'm not sure what will. Rick Santorum also did a great job of describing how the legislation views those mentally disabled "It’s all about utilization, right? It’s all about how do we best allocate resources where they are most effectively used? [...] Government allocating resources best on how to get the best bang for your dollars and it’s all about utility. It’s all about the usefulness of the person to society, instead of the dignity of every human life and the opportunity for people who love and care for people to give them the best possibility to have the best possible life." Don't tell me that's not how it works when the government is in charge. Look what happened when we allowed the idea of abortion to enter the federal authority.
And then there is the issue facing old people. I'm scared to death for old people. And by old, I mean anyone over the age of 65 since that's when Obama deems you no longer worth pouring our healthcare dollars into.
It's my belief, and should probably be the belief of anyone who pays attention, that the President doesn't give a hoot if his healthcare legislation doesn't work. He's now one step closer to a single-payer healthcare system. One where the government, not private businesses or people, decides who gets what care. He's made my point for me that he, and his friends in that camp, aren't worried about unborn babies. They deem those unborn not even humans yet. He's not worried about anyone who has issues such as mental retardation. They can't contribute so why keep them around. And old people?!?! They're just a bag of old bones. Oh and knowledge. Knowledge of times gone by when other radicals tried to espouse a tyrannical dictatorship of a government. One where only what the head of the nation said was true, was the truth and anyone who denied that was also killed. It's not an issue of losing our healthcare plans. It's an issue of the sanctity of human life. God breathed life. Life that we must fight to keep, don't be fooled.

- Trinity


  1. Dear Trinity, regarding the knowledge that they're suppressing:
    Luke 11:52
    New International Version (NIV)
    52 “Woe to you experts in the law, because you have taken away the key to knowledge. You yourselves have not entered, and you have hindered those who were entering.”

    I heard a Jewish physician and historian tell how Hitler received a letter from one of his supporters who sought a way to "put down" his profoundly disabled son. Hitler gave the letter to his personal physician and thereafter had no involvement with the euthanasia program, it was run by doctors. It was the churches that made them stop.

    1. Thank you for sharing! It is scary to see these changes that we blindly let pass.