Friday, November 1, 2013

The season's scariest

The little kids were all dressed up, one a fireman, one a queen,
one was dressed as a chimney sweep and the other as Mr. clean. 
Sure they were a bit giddy, it's all part of the night
those little folks didn't realize they were in for so much fright. 
Their mother had sent them off, just around the neighborhood.
There was only one new person who'd moved in, they figured he was good. 
The treating hadn't been to tricky, there was candy at every home.
Some gooey and some sticky, and to the newly inhabited house they roamed. 
The porch wasn't lit at all, they figured it was safe anyway. 
They began to get a little frightened, a black cat on the deck rail lay. 
They walked up the first step real careful and chills ran down their spines,
there was a potted cactus next to the door with long and prickly tines.  
Then from the darkened shadows, they heard a grunt and hiss,
they were just about to turn around when the door slowly opened and they heard this:
"Although I appreciate your time here, and I fully look forward to your support,
I've opted to keep all the candy I'd regularly give to offer to the poor. 
Well to be quite honest, I actually bought none this year. 
I thought you might give me your candy and I'll spread it as cheer."
The little folks then wondered, "Doesn't he have money of his own?
He drives that real fancy car and on our block this is the nicest home."
They still hadn't seen his face but just then it peered around the door.
It was dark and shady, quite repulsive and those kid's jaws dropped to the floor. 
Though it wasn't a ghoul, nor a werewolf not Einstein, but they were frightened for a reason,
In a dark navy suit and a bright red tie, it was a politician, the scariest character of this season. 
- Trinity Lewis

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