Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sunday Ramblings...What are you hunting for?

It is hunting season again in our area! To date, Justin has organically harvested meat of the elk variety (his first time getting one with a bow), a world champion deer (typical - over 33 inches wide...THAT'S WIDE!) and an antelope. I, on the other hand have not been gallivanting all over the world. I've been working ;) . Thus I've only harvested an antelope. I still have my deer tag and we have been able to go up two days since the season has started. We saw one nice buck. Or should I say we caught a glimpse of his horns and then saw a lot of his fluffy white tail bouncing away from us...dangit. Anyway, we are going back up this afternoon and I'm excited. Hunting is fun even before the actual harvesting takes place. It's fun to have a system with Justin and an activity we can both be passionate about. There's something about being in the middle of nowhere, where the air is thin, with that man-stud that just melts my heart.
Sometimes in life I feel like I'm on the hunt. I'm on the hunt to find the best career for my future and for the future of our family. I'm on the hunt for people that can be good friends, good business partners,  and I'm hunting for good steps to advance my dreams. It seems like everyone in our world is always hunting. What are most of us hunting for? I think it's two things: happiness and fulfillment. We don't want to go through life miserable. We want to feel satisfied and we want to at least have ourselves convinced that our life was/is worth something.
I've learned that happiness is an emotion. It could be because I'm female, but emotions are really easy to come by. I'm a whole lot more interested in a heart-state. A heart-state? You read right. A point where your heart is full of joy. Sure you might be grumpy sometimes, like when you have to wake up too early or the coffee pot is empty. You might feel down and sometimes  you might get a tad angry. All of those are emotions though. It's where our heart is that matters. How do you feel your heart with joy? Well, joy is part of the fruit of the spirit. When we are hunting for God and His plan and His will, He shows that to us. Then we can finally harvest a heart full of joy.
What about fulfillment? God put us on this earth to live for Him. To bring Him glory and to further His kingdom. From a stay-at-home mom, a hard working rancher, a corporate CEO, God can use each of us to do His work.
Seek His will. Hunt for Him and I bet your harvest will be more than you ever could have imagined.

- Trinity Lewis

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