Tuesday, November 19, 2013


It has arrived! The word of the year is finally here. I know we've all been waiting for, and anxiously anticipating, the word that Oxford dictionary would choose for this year's word of the year. And the winner is (drum-roll please) "selfie." Today I have been trying to think about a time when I've gone through the process of taking a smartphone self portrait. Indeed, I just can't think of any. It might be my fear of looking like all of the other girls, just slightly younger than me, with duck lips and kissy faces, or it might be my fear of becoming self obsessed. Then again, I don't really think it's either of these two things.
I guess it all boils down to - I just don't have time to take pictures of myself. Don't get me wrong, I love photography. Lately I've taken a whole lot of pictures. Pictures of damage done by storm Atlas. Pictures of guests who have come into our studio to join me on air. Pictures of baby-showers and weddings and nieces and nephews and best friends and old folks and landscapes. None of myself though.
I wonder what it says about our world when the word of the year is one that is the epitome of self obsession. I guess it fits. In a nation where entitlement is at an all time high. Social media has made us all less social. And snobery is accepted as the norm. It starts at the top of our nation and the "trickle down" effect is at least true there.
If I had to pick a word of the year here in Midwest I think we would have a few other words at the top of our minds to nominate. Here are only a few:
Atlas - the blizzard that set havoc wreaking records and that folks will spend years recovering from, but they'll be better for it because they're determined.
Ag-vocate - those who understand that 2% of our nation has a highly funded agenda and is persecuting those who provide food and fiber to the world, and are trying to save us all from those sick organizations.
Obamascare - a healthy fright for the future of our country.
These are just suggestions. I'd love to hear some of yours, maybe Oxford will begin to turn to us for ideas from now on :) . I need to go take a selfie now! Talk to you later! 

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