Friday, November 29, 2013

an averaged sized thank you

for the roof that keeps the rain outside 
for the warmth filling the home in which I abide
for food on the table and shoes on my feet 
to be one out of just some who everyday eats 
for the ability to meet and praise God how I like 
for a spouse who loves me and kids to tuck in at night 
for an income that comes in when I'm willing to work hard
for the grass that is yellowing in my over-sized yard 
for the pile of dishes and the list of to-do's 
for a radio and newspaper that deliver the news
to feel safe at home or traveling if I choose
to not be segregated be I gentile or Jew
to have a heritage for which I beam with pride
to have had Pilgrims willing to give up their way of life
to have men who fought for our freedoms and living peacefully because they won
to have salvation eternal because of God's only son
I am no millionaire and my life isn't perfect that's true
my averaged life leaves me no room to be blue
Lord thank you for blessing my family and friends
now we bless your name Lord, we thank you, amen. 

- Trinity Lewis

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