Friday, November 8, 2013

A tribute to Grandpa Miller

Today my grandpa turns 85. I'm not sure God has ever made a finer man. Happy birthday Grandpa :)

“What do I know, I’m just an old sheepherder.” That’s what he always would say.
After he’d given advice or told you which way to do a chore or stack the hay.
He’s made his own routine, and he has some silly ideas and habits.
Like when we go fishing and for bait he says “just use a rabbit.”
You can always be certain that during the morning right around 9,
He’ll say “Let’s take a break from what we’re doin, its ‘lunch a little’ time.”
He and his lady never show much affection, holdin’ hands wasn’t ever seen.
But when a boy asked for my hand, he told him quite sternly to treat me like a queen.
He’s not a man to give himself credit, he’s never patted his own back.
But everyone knows that wisdom and character are two things he’ll never lack.
He’s slowin’ down now, not as young as he once was.
He laughs at us kids for getting caught up in life’s buzz.
Because through the years he’s learned what’s most important on this side of glory
and he even tears up a little sometimes when he starts to tell his story.
“Life’s not about the money or the things you own or how much you do,
It’s about swimming out east of the old house at home like we used to.
It’s about making paths for our toy cars in the frost that’s settled on the windows.
It’s about playing music with the family, you play the guitar and you the fiddle.
Now, its ok to share a chuckle or to stray from time to time.
It’s ok to admit that the teacher in those pictures used to look mighty fine. 
It’s hookin’ up Tom and Jerry on Christmas day when all the family is home.
It’s playin’ with the grandkids and makin’ sure that old dog Tuffy doesn’t roam.
It’s movin’ cows on Abner and bein’ thankful for the rain.
It’s lying and saying your fine, even when you’re filled with pain.”
You might be “just an old sheepherder” but there’s one thing we all know,
Just by watching your example our love for God and common sense has grown. 
No you’re not a scholar and you’re no “know it all.”
But you’ve always been there to help anytime we’ve come to call.
You’ve taught us the fewer words the better and to pray when with problems we’re faced.
The memories we’ve made with you are one of a kind and can’t ever be replaced.
You might say you’re just a sheepherder but you’ve changed us, everyone.
God’s laid up treasures in heaven for the great things on earth you’ve done.

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