Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A Thanksgiving day Prayer

Lord, it's almost Thanksgiving day and I know there's a special way
     that the preachers like us to pray every year about this time.
Father, you know better than most that us humans have a whole host
     of troubles of which we don't boast but they're ever on our mind.
So, I'll send my thank you's Lord. Thank you for your word, our sword,
     and for all of the storms you helped to pull us through.
There's a group I especially want to lift up, it seems like they can take so much
     but God right now is especially the time they need you.
There's one family that's on my mind, they had to leave their young son behind,
    an accident kept him in a bind and they're left to press on.
There are others who lost all their stock in that huge storm that plain caught
    all of us off guard, and now their livelihood is plum gone.
I guess the point I'm trying to get through is that there're so many people who
   can't see themselves through the whirlwind that is their life.
So today I pray for peace in their hearts, as this is the time the hurt really sorts them apart
   and they, with a heavy hear, start to have to deal with extra strife.
Lord, cradle them in your loving arm. Give them a brake from this crazy world's harm.
     Allow them to give up alarm and just to rest in you.
Thank you for the life you've blessed me with. And for those times I get in a tiff,
     help me to keep my path lit, and trust your path to lead me through.
I know there'll be people lost this season. They'll try to figure out the reason
      we're all caught up in what some call treason these holidays that are here.
Give us the ability to show them hope. When we are tempted by trials help us to say "nope"
      and keep you as the one in whom we find our cheer.
It's the love you hand out everyday. The blessings that you send our way
      and the knowledge that one day we'll spend eternity with you.
It's this inspiration that I want to focus on now. Help us to remember that, somehow,
      there's a plan of yours. Oh, and Lord, Happy Thanksgiving day to you.

-Trinity Lewis

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