Thursday, November 21, 2013

A little boy with a big heart.

There are times when I get incredibly discouraged about our culture. I become nervous by the way young people have learned about dark things that I didn't know until I was much older. I worry about the activities today's youth considers fun, where the innocent are hurt and no one is safe.
There are stories of genuine love I hear from time to time and I feel like they are the most important to note. Today's story isn't from a one horse town where crime never happens and it's not from a bustling city. It's from a town in South Dakota. One where a handshake means a lot but people write agreements on documents. People say hello to the lady behind the coffee counter but only at one of the five coffee shops in town. The city council argues and gets frustrated. Churches split and new ones emerge.
The day this particular story took place was on the evening of Halloween. Just like in all towns about the size of this one, there was one side of town that was especially nice. Good sized homes, for the averaged sized family with a little bit larger sized income, were nestled back into a well lit hillside. This is where our young friend, we'll call him Kevin, enters the story. You see Kevin was just a lad, but he had his priorities figured out. He knew that big candy bars were the ones everyone looked forward to the most on Halloween. He'd traveled around the nice neighborhood for quite some time and gotten a bucket full of candy, no big candy bars yet but some great handfuls of the other stuff.
It is important that you understand that little Kevin had a heart of gold. Although he could have stayed in the nice neighborhood trick-or-treating, he had another plan. He suggested that he and his friends walk to the top of the biggest hill in town to visit a little boy who wasn't able to go trick-or-treating. You see, the little boy who lived in the big house on the top of the hill had a tumor in his body that just wouldn't go away so he had to stay in for the night. Little Kevin made the long trek to the top of the hill. He only had one or two of his friends who were willing to make the trip with him but when they got to the top their friend in the big house bubbled over with joy. He hadn't thought anyone would stop by, and he was pretty sad about that, so Kevin was a completely delightful surprise. The friends all visited together for a good bit of time. Eventually Kevin and his comrades took a few pieces of hard candy and began the long walk back down to the rest of the houses. By this point I'm sure you can see that Kevin is absolutely sweet. He took time out of his night to walk a long way up the steepest hill in town not for candy but to visit another young boy who couldn't experience Halloween like the rest of the kids.
If that is where this true story ended, I would be happy. I'd know good had been done. But the sweetest part of the story didn't happen until Kevin and his couple of friends had made it all the way to the bottom of the steep hill. They met up with another group of kids who were anxious to hear how the trip all the way up to the big house had gone. Kevin beamed with excitement when he said "It was a great time! You should really go up there, they have the big candy bars." And so the story ends with a white lie that made one sick boy's night.

The next time you are discouraged by our society and the things that are spiraling downhill, just think back to Kevin and his heart full of love for others.


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